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  • How would you gauge the degree of bruising/inflammation in the supraspinatus muscle from a blunt impact (ie, falling off a bike) and determine when and how much it was safe to do weight-bearing excercise afterwards?

  • I am going for OT for post op trigger finger release surgery. As a new patient, I received 13 PAGES of forms to fill out. One of those pages was a form called the (PHQ-9) Patient Health Questionnaire. It asks

  • I’m going in for OT for post op trigger finger release surgery. As a new patient I received 13 pages of info to fill out. One form is the “Patient Health Questionairre” (PHQ-9) which asks questions if I’m

  • I had leg bypass the end of Feb.  When I walk with a walker or a grocery shopping cart I have little or not hip and calf pain.  When I walk just regular with no walker or cart I have considerable hip pain and o

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    Please take 5 minutes to read this message.

    First of all sorry for my english, i’m a young man (23 years old) who lives in Africa (in Morocco) and i realy, realy, REALY need your help.

    Four years a

  • My neck muscles have become weak, and I’m trying to strengthen them. However, most days they feel fatigued, to the point of pulling on other muscles, when I get up in the mornings. Should I do the exercises regardless?

  • Hi,


    My mom has essential tremors and, while they are not especially debilitating, they do affect her ability to write (she often uses a typewriter) and eat at times. I know that medication can be used to

  • Hello Physical Therapist Team,

    I was diagnosed with osteogenesis imperfecta when I was 13 years old when I started having many fractures in my legs with normal or almost no movement (6 fractures during 1999 to

  • She broke the neck of the femur and they did a partial replacement, the socket was in good condition.   It has healed well but of course the muscles were the problem.  They had her up the next day at the h

  • My elderly mother who broke her hip is in a rehab center but we found out that they do not work on weekends.  She is making great progress in one week but we are both concerned they are not giving her enough

  • Should I use crutches for a few days? This happened 2 days ago.

  • A few days ago I was walking in some grass, I step in to a trench, & I must have rolled my ankle. The outside of my left ankle is pretty much sore. I can still walk on it but I can feel the soreness. Is it

  • Hello, I am 15 years old with a relatively minor case of Scoliosis.  I was diagnosed with it several years ago, with a 22 degree curve. Are there any specific exercises or sleeping patterns I should try?

  • To Lori,

    If I may ask, what are your medical credentials? I could not find a place on this site that shows them. Also, could you direct me to the location on this site that shows the credentials of the question

  • To Lori,

    So, am I correct in my understanding of your answer, that these are “prolong step ups” that I’ve been doing, and are considered high impact and I probably should not be doing them?

  • To Lori,

    I’ve had the TKR since 2012. I’m mainly concerned about wear and tear on the TKR and safety.

  • I have a total knee replacement -As part of an exercise circuit workout, I perform twelve minutes non stop of step ups on a 8″, 10″, or 12″ aerobic step bench – is this safe for my TKR?

  • Which is the best brace for low back pain?

  • Trying to find best technique for a 3 yr old head injured child with leg discrepancy issue (weaker L side longer)and what appears to be a pattern she has formed when attempting to walk in gait trainer. (Previous

  • I think I have a wrist strain or sprain in my left wrist. I can hold my hand straight out, fingers stretched out, & when I turn it to the left (sideways, palm side down), it feels like a catch & may be a little


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