• Trace the alphabet with your toe, which encourages ankle movement in all directions. Trace the alphabet 1 to 3 times.

    Sit in a chair with your foot flat on the floor. Slowly move your knee side to side while k

  • Hamstrings are long group of muscles. Get KT flex or performance tape for better hold and flexibility. You can also try horizontal support straps as in this pic.

  • Lay on your back, lift your head up slightly and reach side to side with your arm.

  • It depends on the duration and speed. High-intensity exercise like running or jogging creates a great deal of stress on your knees. Overdoing or heavy use can damage the knee. However, Walking on a treadmill is

  • Since your left side is significantly weaker than your right, you might have pelvic asymmetry caused by muscular imbalance. I would recommend doing pelvic symmetry exercises focusing on stretching your right hip

  • Good Question,

    What is the location of pain in the knee? There are multiple causes of knee pain while running. Is it a dull/achy or sharp pain? Do you stretch before or after the running?

    Effect of hold time

  • Which is your favorite exercise to improve balance and reduce fall risk in elderly people?

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