China PE Reinforced Polyester Mat factory

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    Our History
    NJEFG has been created a brand focused in manufacturing waterproofing fiberglass and composit base since 2006. We started from single fiberglass tissue, while nowadays we are focused not only on fiberglass tissue, reinforced fiberglass tissue, FRP tissue, but also on polyester mat, spunbond polyester, reinforced polyester and fiberglass polyester composite bases; we have developed several unique composite mat products and achieved international patents. After efforts of more than a decade, NJEFG has become a unique supplier in waterproofing base material industry. Our products are widely used in waterproofing bitumen membrane industry, shingle roof industry, road paving industry, professional sports floor manufacturing, oil and gas industry, waterproofing gypsum board industry. We have an experienced and professional team in quality control and all services including TDS providing, sample and cargo arrangement, after-sale services, etc. We encourage your visit to our company and are always happy to have an opportunity to assist you. Your enquiries are highly appreciated any time.
    Our Factory

    Our Product
    Our products include all types of Waterproofing bases:
    Fiberglass tissue mat;
    Reinforced fiberglass mat;
    Spunbond polyester mat;
    Reinforced polyester mat;
    Composite fiberglass mat;
    Composite polyester mat;
    Fiberglass polyester composite mat;
    Fiberglass mesh;
    And Aluminum-coated Fiberglass insulation panels.
    Product Application
    Our products have been very popularly applied as waterproofing base / material in following industries:
    Waterproofing bitumen membrane industry;
    Road paving industry;
    Shingle roof industry;
    Pipe wrapping in Oil and gas, chemical industry;
    Professional sports floor manufacturing industry;
    Waterproofing gypsum board industry.
    Our Certificate
    Quality Control Certificate TR No.20151202078
    Production Equipment
    Product Market
    Our products have been prevailed over last one and a half decades in both domestic and overseas market. We have achieved good result in overseas market over last many years. Oceania market: 6%;
    European market: increasingly more than 20%;
    Middle-East market: 15%;
    African market: 9%.
    Our Service
    We offer continuous services include TDS and samples available upon request, basically for free; Samples can be
    We offer continuous services include TDS and samples available upon request, basically for free; Samples can be tailored to meet your specific requirements; Status of production and product quality are continuously reported to customers; Feedbacks are most welcome after-sale; and we help our customers in application of our products; improvements are made from time to time; innovation of new products is expected every four to six years. We thank you so much for your continuous interest.China PE Reinforced Polyester Mat factory

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